Tea time with Umeco.en

Umegorin Project

Japanese Tea Culture Transmission WG

The Japanese Tea Culture Dissemination WG of the Ume Olympics Project, which is being held at Tsuda College, is collaborating with ITO EN Co., Ltd. to disseminate information about the appeal of Japanese tea culture to the world.

Due to corona related lockdowns. We are working to solve these problems through the dissemination of world information on Japanese tea culture based on scientific evidence.

Our Achievement


Jun. Tea tasting event in Sendagaya campus festival
Aug.The first tea seminar by ITO EN
Factory tour at ITO EN’s Shizuoka factory 
Oct. The second tea seminar by ITO EN 
 Tea ceremony with Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
Nov. Tea tasting event at Tokyo City Air Terminal
Dec. Publication in ITO EN’s website

May. Tea Recommendation Service released
Jul.  English ver. Of Tea Recommendation Service released
Aug. Online tea seminar
Aug.~Dec. Videos about Japanese tea released
– 茶筅を探せ!(Where’s a tea whisk ‘Chasen’)
– ほっと一息 急須で楽しむ美味しいお茶の淹れ方
(How to make Japanese tea )
– 捨てる前にもう一品!体が喜ぶ茶殻レシピ
(Recipes with used tea leaves ‘Chagara’)
Dec. Published in ITO EN’s integrated report 

What is Umegorin Project?

This is a student-centered academic education and research activity in cooperation with companies and local governments.

Sendagaya Campus of Tsuda University which is the closest to the venue of the Tokyo Olympics in the world.

In 2020, COVID-19 changed the world significantly. Contribution to the local issues and the dissemination of Japanese culture for the hosting of the Olympics required a change in the way.

We have five concepts and will continue to work toward solving social issues.

1. To promote the revitalization of campus neighborhoods and regions from the perspective of the College of Policy Studies, Tsuda University.
2.  To spread attractions of Japanese culture to a lot of people, both domestically and internationally, using technological skills and English skills.
3. To improve social problem-solving skills by utilizing high English ability and data analysis ability.
4. To develop sustainable content both during and after the COVID-19 crisis.
5. To create a symbiotic society that transcends nationality, culture, and disabilities.

Sendagaya Campus of Tsuda University

Acquire problem-solving skills required by the times through practical learning

We aim to be someone who works on solving problems in society and demonstrates leadership through fieldwork, collaboration with society, and practical learning such as projects from daily learning of topics  like English and data analysis.
It is a faculty where you can actively learn and explore your own interests without being bound by the humanities aloned.